PHOTOS – we take all types of food photos – photos of dishes, products, lifestyle sessions, restaurant sessions, photos for magazines and books. We work in our studio in Warsaw and at our Clients’ premises. 


STYLING – We have everything to take unique and exclusive shots – tens of countertops and backdrops; hundreds of forks, knives, and glasses; thousands of decorative items and textiles. 


RECIPES – We develop recipes that highlight our Clients’ products or particular ingredients. Every recipe is unique and we promise to never repeat them. 


POSTPRODUCTION – we pay attention to every detail at every stage of production. We consult everything with the Client – from the amount of a particular ingredient to the level of recipe’s difficulty. We prepare the same dish several times to make sure that it will be delicious in all the kitchens! We develop recipes for a particular Client and we never repeat ourselves! 

Featured Works

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eggs, cucumber, mackerel, easter, herbs

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We work with the best!

The list of our Clients includes Bonduelle, Costa CoffeeJeronimo Martins, Schwartz, Tefal, Tesco and Schöller (Nestle).
We cooperate with advertising agencies, publishing houses, and culinary magazines.

Photography studio

We made our dream come true five years ago when we opened the food photography studio. We ditched our stable jobs to pursue our passion and develop our talent and potential. 

About Us

We are Plate of Joy – Kasia and Tomek.
We are in love with good food, photography, and each other.
We are a perfect team – both in professional and private life.

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We would love to work with you!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us – we would love to make you a cup of coffee and discuss all the ideas.



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