We develop recipes that highlight our Clients’ products or particular ingredients. 

We consult everything with the Client – from the amount of a particular ingredient to the level of recipe’s difficulty. We prepare the same dish several times to make sure that it will be delicious in all the kitchens! We develop recipes for a particular Client and we never repeat ourselves! 

Every recipe is unique and we promise to never repeat them


We do not follow the same patterns, but we are always searching for new ideas and inspiration. 

We can portray the feminine perfectionism – we love the details because they highlight the beauty of the product, create the magic of the shot, and make photos memorable. Every Client deserves to feel unique and we just love unique photos. 

Palm tree leaves or fresh gooseberry in the winter? Not a problem!


We take all types of food photos – photos of dishes, products, lifestyle sessions, restaurant sessions, photos for magazines and books.

We work in our studio in Warsaw and at our Clients’ premises. We work in the studio, in the restaurants, and in the cafes. We love photos on the location that highlight the food. We have the equipment needed to take good photos – from lenses to lamps.

We transfer all copyrights to all the photos that our Client orders – they can be later used in all forms. 


Photo editing is the icing on the cake. We are detail-oriented and we want to emphasize the most important elements of the photo.

We hold the post-production to be equally important to creation. We want every photo shoot to be as scrumptious as possible. Our Clients receive images in the highest resolution.

Upon request, we prepare photos ready to be printed and published on the Internet. 


Kasia has fully committed herself to pursue the perfect and supernatural food styling inspired by Australian photographers and Tomek understands the street-food.

Food fuels up our mornings and nights. We think about the food at work and after work, too. Our passion is our dream job. Every morning brings a new version of our dream. Each of us loves something different in food, but the love of food connected us.

We find inspiration everywhere – in a restaurant recommended by Michelin guide in London, in the streets of Neapol, and in the village house in the picturesque region of Podlasie.

Inspiration is important and so is our knowledge about the ingredients and culinary techniques. We create modern and well-balanced recipes that feature seasonal ingredients. We give our Clients not only scrumptious and elegant photos, but also our passion, knowledge, and dedication.