A perfect place for work. Our studio is fully equipped for photoshoots, creative workshops, photo workshops, and foodie meetings. The kitchen where we cook independently or with our chefs allows us to produce photoshoots of any size. 


Infinity of food props.
We have everything to take unique and exclusive shots — tens of countertops and backdrops; hundreds of forks, knives, and glasses; thousands of decorative items and textiles. Scandinavian style, classic elegance, eclecticism, rustic items, child tableware? Our closets fit all the ideas! 


We have a unique collection of food magazines, cookbooks, and food albums. From the French classics which teach us about techniques and practical skills till global bestsellers that serve us as creative inspiration for modern food styling and photography. 

Our studio in numbers

170 sq.m. 

1 storage full of props 

2 balconies

7 balcony doors

5 windows

9 skylights

1 bathroom

1 shower

1 kitchen

1 espresso machine

1 loudspeaker tripod

2. floor

44 stairs till the entrance

181 cookbooks in the studio

4 double closets filled with props

3 single closets filled with props

2 cabinets filled with props

202 photographic backdrops

6 lamps

10 tripods

1 kitchen island